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client left Slander feedback

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Rostyslav N wrote:

Petra R. ,  I mean stars rating where

  • skills: 4
  • quality: 4
  • deadlines: 4
  • cooperation: 2
  • communication: 2

All communications was good, I provided results on Monday when deadline is Wednesday.


I was done all what client required and more, and for reward I received THIS?

We all get a difficult client once in a while. It sucks, but that feedback isn't horrible, it will soon be forgotten and drop down the list.


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Bettye U Member Since: Mar 6, 2016
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FYI: There's no such thing as "written slander." Slander is spoken defamatory statements. Written defamatory statements are called "libel."

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ALEJANDRO A Member Since: Apr 27, 2016
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I can tell you, that poor feedback report will cause an amount of damage on that client too (Karma).

If he did the same with another provider(s), well, his profile is done.

Why? The first thing I see to apply or not into a job is not only feedback about a client, but feedback this client uses to give to their providers. Belive me, I avoid troublemakers. And I think I'm not the only one doing this way.


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Luce N Member Since: Oct 9, 2016
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Rostyslav, you can also answer to the client's feedback, but be very careful, don't make it look like YOU are the troublemaker. I would say something like I'm sorry the client had the feeling that you had not finished the work you had agreed upon, but that was not correct.


I advise you to keep your answer very short and polite.