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Issues with Connects for job applications, and purchased Connects

Valued members,


We appreciate you reaching out and bringing this to our attention. We have identified issues related to Connects: 

  • Some users get the notification "You don't have enough Connects to submit this proposal," but there are Connects in the account
    Connects issue 2.png


  • Some users get this notification when submitting proposals to jobs: 
    Connects issue.png

Purchased Connects is not reflected in some users' accounts after purchase. Loading the Membership & Connects page reflects this error "Failed to load the current subsription details. Please try again. If the issue persists please contact Customer Support." Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 10.45.43 AM.png
Our engineers are looking into these errors and working to address the issue causing them. We'll update this thread with more information when we receive updates from the team. You may also subscribe to status.upwork.com for the latest status of the Upwork website. 

We appreciate your understanding as we sort this out for you!

Update as of Friday, June 2: 

This has already been resolved. If you continue experiencing issues, please get in touch with the Upwork Support team to assist you further. 



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I recommend to all raise your voice related to these types of **bleep**ty updates. Rather than new freelancers are more difficult to survive here...  And I think that is too much in the future no one will join and start a career as a freelancer on Upwork!! Time to raise your voice if want to stay stable in freelancing!! Thanks!!


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Experienced this error upon submission of proposal.

as of June 7, 2023



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I had the same problem yesterday, but after a while it started working. You can also submit a help case to the support team; if the problem is on their end, they might be able to fix it or they might inform you of the precise problem with the card data.