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$100 minimum withdrawal

Hi guys, Can I still withdraw my salary in upwork even if its less than $100?Do they have a minimum of $100 now?
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There is no such thing as a $100 minimum in order to withdraw money.


If you have money available in your Upwork account, you can manually click a button to withdraw it.

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Community Manager

Hi Agnes, 

It sounds like you're referring to the "Automatic Payment Schedules." When you set up a payment method, your available balance will be disbursed to your preferred payment method automatically according to your chosen payment schedule. Your balance is only withdrawn automatically when it exceeds a specific limit (e.g., $100 or more) on your scheduled withdrawal date. 

I want to note that you can withdraw your earnings anytime by going to your  SettingsGet Paid page. 

I hope this helps! Don't hesitate to post any other questions you may have regarding withdrawing your earnings!

~ Avery
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