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Adding reviews to proposals. What are the rules?

Hi all, 


I am hoping someone can help. I'm new to UpWork and haven't won any projects yet, however I have been a freelancer for over 4 years - but have primarily been using another freelancing platform. 


I'm keen to prove to people I submit proposals to that I am trustworthy and that I am an expert, but I also do not want to be penalised for sharing something I shouldn't. I currently have two sources of reviews:


- 350+ 100% positive reviews on the other freelancing site

- a handful of 5* reviews on Google


Could someone tell me whether I would be penalised/banned if I shared links to either of these sources of reviews? 

Of course, once I build my reviews on here I wouldn't need them...but just need something to get me started. 


Many thanks.