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Advice would be appreciated

Hi Robin, 

I want to offer my services mainly as a French SEO Content writer/Copywriter on the platform. And yes, there is sufficient demand for as I was able to see. Here is what I have done so far.

I have completed American and French (France) copywriting courses with known if not legendary copywriters in both countries. To buy time (sixty-one-year-old and recently retired here) I purchased three intuitive copywriting software saving years of reading on copywriting+ I have an extensive swipe file. 

I am actually on two courses at once: SEO Content and Site Audit. I just completed the Content Marketing Fundamentals course.

I have written one article (only) on another platform before knowing Upwork was available. That sole article was approved by the client's platform. 

My question: What should be my next step with Upwork in order to develop authority as you did? And eventually, be attractive to Upwork clients? 

-Build up a site on SEO content writing/Copywriting? And then, or,

-Start submitting with Upwork clients right away?

-Or other?

Your advice would be precious,


Thank you, 

Benoit from Québec, Canada


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Benoit,


I'd like to note that I moved your post to a different, more active forum, so other freelancers would be able to follow up and offer their advice. As a new freelancer, I'd strongly suggest reviewing the resources and advice we shared here and here.

~ Vladimir
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