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I have been trying very very hard to setup our agency and get the business going. However, time and again there are several hurdles coming our way from Upwork. For example, right now, the only contract we had is marked by Upwork as SUSPENDED. The client is asking us to consider delivering outside of Upwork (which we are not agreeing to at the moment). After applying to multiple projects we had got one client and now Upwork tells me to hold working on the project.
Can Upwork not call me and me and remove these roadblocks? We are sincerely looking to deliver quality work with help of our team on Upwork, our spirits are really dampened with these admin hurdles that we are facing from time to time. Hope Upwork can provide a solution.

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Hi Rohan,

There can be various reasons why the client's account and the contract were suspended but we will not be able to share them here in the Community. It's important that you stop working on the suspended contract until the client resolves the issues and the contract is resumed. The client may still reply to your messages and clarify their issues.


~ Goran
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When a contract is suspended there is a serious issue with the client, so it is not "an admin issue" that can be solved by anyone calling you because the problem is not on your side, it is on the client's side and the client has to fix it.


Most of the time it means the client owes Upwork money.


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Yep. Sounds like the client is trying to pay you with a stolen credit card, Upwork caught it and now that's why the client is trying to pay you off platform.

You're likely never getting paid for they project, or if you do the charge will be reversed quickly. It would be a shame for you to take the payment outside of Upwork, then have the money taken back from your account and then you get suspended for taking payment outside of Upwork. So don't do that.

This is Upwork trying to help you, not hinder you. I understand that it's frustrating, but try to move on from that contract.
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