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Can I post a vimeo link in my proposal?

I see that you can put links in your proposal, but at the same time y read that you cannot put anything that directs to external ways of contacting with the client. 

I would like to put links to videos I have in my Vimeo account to show my work in hi res, and avoid compressing them to send them as attachments.

Is puting a Vimeo link against Upwork rules? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Matias,


Yes, you can include Vimeo links to your works in your proposals as well as other examples of your work.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan!

Is your information about vimeo link in a proposal actual yet?

Hi Bojan, When ever I put vimeo link on messages it turn to "yellow" as upwork conditions.. I want to share my vimeo links videos saperatly to show the clients. Why it turn to yellow and says about conditions.. Please help me out for this. 

I want to tell you that.. I don't have any personal infomation in my portfolio link even in saperate videos.. So still it turn to yellow on messages when submitting proposal and messages.. 

Hi Arsalan,


When you add links in your proposals or messages, that may take a user outside Upwork, the system will highlight it to advise you of this, with the intention of avoiding sharing any personal contact information before a contract starts without necessarily having any personal information in the link you're sharing. That's why when you share the video it gets highlighted. As long as no personal contact information is shared based on the conditions I mentioned above, there's no need to worry. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thank you,

~ Luiggi

Hi, Thank you for assistance. I am really glad to see post regarding my issue. 

I need to ask that If I post Vimeo link saperataly. It shows me Yellow Grid on text. I understand waht you have said regarding this. But my point is I've did'nt show in the vimeo video link of any personal details.. How can i share personal details in the VIMEO VIDEO link? Its my Animated Video Portfolio LInk..
Please remove the yellow grid when i submit. I need to show my client of how I can fit with their job to show my creativity.. 

Hi Arsalan,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback, we'll be sure to pass it on to our team.


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I'm a short video ads editor.

I have a Vimeo portfolio site. And there I have attached my old work video.  There every video I don't have any personal contact info. As usual for ad video making I have to attach client contact info there In Call to action. Like the Client will be selling a product so in this video I have to add the client's contact info or website link like that "For buy visit www.site,com or for buy email us example@email.com". You already know about the ad video. So my question is can I share those work videos also with the job proposal as a sample video?

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