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Client request revision but did not said anything to change.



I have an order and after few revision rounds, buyer said the project is almost finished but he need something to change. and request a revision for the last milestone.  But now it is been more than 10-12 days he did not said anything that what he wants to change.  he just reply to me before 7 days ago and said need time. 


is this normal thing or should i do something to this? seems to be buyer just keep the order open but don't want to complete



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Nadisa,

I`m not familiar with the details of your contract and I can`t advise you what actions to take.
But, once you have submitted your work on the milestone created for you, the funds will be transferred to you after 14 days, if no actions are taken from the client.
To learn more on how to protect yourself in this cases, check out our guide on Fixed-Price Protection for Freelancers.

~ Goran
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It may be advantageous to keep daily contact with a client, as you need his approval on your work to get good feedback, even if you submit for payment yourself and receive the money.

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