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Contract ended on hourly bases contract but some amount showing in "work in progress"


I am new to upwork.

so I was working with a client that had a budget of 15 hours. The contract started on Friday and about 10 hours was done by Sunday. The 10 hours worth of money went into review on Monday morning and on Monday I completed the last 5 hours work. I told the client that i have completed the task within the time limit to which she ended the contract.


The 5 hours I worked today didn't go into the review but are still in "work in progress". when will that amount be in review? or will it ever be in review ? should i have told the client to end the contract at the end of the week?


Hi Ali, 


When working on hourly contracts, all the time logged in the Work Diary is automatically invoiced to the client using the Weekly Billing Cycle. Since this cycle begins on Monday and ends on Sunday, your client will be automatically invoiced for the work you did today, next week, on Monday. Even if the contract was ended. Until then you can see the funds, as you mentioned, in your Work in Progress here.




ok so I got the review just now and the review shows that I worked 15 hours but only made 200$ from the. The hourly rate was 20USD SO 15X20 should be 300USD but the review only shows 200$ earned. So i am assuming that after this weekends the rest of the amount will be updated to my account and on the review?

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