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Create Job Posting

I signed up for Upwork as a potential freelancer but my immediate interest is to find a freelancer to help me with a couple of websites. How do I change my interface view so that I can post a job?  Note, when I change to the dropdown to Find Freelancers this does not change my home screen view.  It just allows me to search for freelancers with no ability to contact one of them, or post a job. Thank you. 

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Adding client account: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211067558-Can-I-be-both-a-freela...


ETA: There is no need to double-post - this practice is frowned upon.

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Hi Gina, You can be both a freelancer and a client at the same time. You will use the the same account to log in to Upwork. Please check this helpful article on how you can set up your account as a client.

~ Jo-An

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