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Electricity Bill

could i upload the current month electricity bill as address proof in two way verification process? please tell me all criteria for electricity bill?
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Hi Anjali, 

Here are some of the things you need to note when submitting your utility bill. You may also refer to this help article for more information. 

    • Includes your name and address as well as the utility/bank address.
    • The dates on your scanned statement must be within six months of the date you upload them.
    • Acceptable documents include bank statements, credit card statements, utility bills, or any other monthly bill that meets the name, address, and date criteria above.
    • Your name on the statement must match both your Upwork account information and your government ID. Your account may be a joint account, but your name must be on the account and statement.
    • Your address must match the location information you entered on Upwork.
    • Don't crop, rotate, touch up, adjust colors, or alter the images in any way.

~ Avery
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What if I don't have my name on any Utality bill as I live with my parents and it's my father's name written there...then How to verify my Utality bill on Upwork
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Hi Abdul,


Please refer to this ticket for more information regarding the verification process, where our team already shared tips about the required documents for the verification process. Use the link provided in the ticket and our agent will guide you through the process!

Thank you.

~ Bojan
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Did you do it? If yes, how did you do it? 

Through their website or through any money transfer applications like Gpay
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Using an electricity iesco bill  as a form of address proof in a two-way verification process is widely accepted, though the specifics can vary by the organization and context. Generally, the bill needs to be recent, often within the last 2 to 6 months, to ensure the address is current. It's also crucial that the name on the bill matches the name of the individual being verified, as this links the person to the address. Additionally, the bill should be an original or a certified true copy; electronic bills might be accepted if they are directly from the service provider. The address details must be clearly visible and match the address being verified. Some organizations may have additional specific requirements or restrictions, so it's always a good idea to check the exact criteria with the entity requesting the verification.




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The acceptability of an electricity bill as address proof in a two-way verification process depends on the specific requirements of the service or organization conducting the verification. Generally, an electricity bill is considered a valid address proof in many situations, but there are certain criteria that it should meet. Here are some common criteria:

  1. Recentness: The electricity bill should be recent, typically within the last 3 to 6 months, to ensure that the address is current and valid.

  2. Name and Address Match: The name on the electricity bill should match the name provided in the verification process. Additionally, the address on the bill should match the address that the user has provided.

  3. Utility Company Logo and Details: The bill should contain the official logo and details of the utility company, including contact information. This helps verify the authenticity of the document.

  4. Clear and Legible: The bill should be clear and legible, with all relevant details visible. Ensure that no crucial information is obscured or missing.

  5. Complete Document: The document should be complete, including all pages if it's a multi-page bill. Sometimes, only the first page is required, but this can vary.

  6. Government Recognition: Some organizations may specifically require utility bills from government-recognized or authorized utility providers.

  7. No Alterations: The bill should not show signs of tampering or alterations. Any changes to the document may render it invalid.

  8. Residential Address: Ensure that the address mentioned on the bill is a residential address, as some organizations may have specific requirements regarding the type of address they accept.

It's important to note that different organizations may have different criteria, so it's advisable to check with the specific entity conducting the two-way verification to confirm their requirements. Additionally, keep in mind that while an electricity bill is commonly accepted, some organizations may require additional documents or alternative forms of address proof.

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