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Fradulent Client



If the support team is reviewing the requests, I would like to report a fraudulent client with whom I've worked for some time and [he] promised to assign a milestone but did not after the submission of the work. 




Hi Sunghoon,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Before any work begins, you and your client will agree on certain work milestones and how much you'll get paid for completing each. This helps set expectations for both of you and lays the groundwork for a positive working experience. To make sure work progresses smoothly, we recommend that you discuss with your client ahead of time how you'll deliver your files or other work product. 


Please note that any request for free work is not allowed on Upwork, and it is a violation of Upwork's Terms of Service. It is always good to communicate and politely explain everything to your client to avoid any misunderstanding. You can discuss the terms of further engagement on the contract and attempt to resolve the situation amicably.


Additionally, you can learn more about user reporting here. Feel free to also check this page for more information about getting paid for Fixed-price contracts

~ Nikola
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You can not report a client because he doesn't assign additional milestones.


If a client hires you, and promises there will be 10 milestones, but only assigns 1 milestone... the client has not broken any rules.

Freelancer Plus

You should never submit any work before a milestone has been set up and fully funded.

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