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How to Edit the "Invitation to Apply" Message Template

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Cathy D Member Since: Jun 7, 2019
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I'm new to Upwork - and I set up a job posting that I want to use to invite freelancers to apply.


When setting up my first job posting - I modified the invitation message (the one the freelancers will see) - by personalizing it with the person's name (Like this...Jane - I'd like to invite you")..not realizing that the exact same message goes to everyone I am going to invite - for every job.


Obviously, I don't want to send an invitation to apply to someone with a different name with a message that starts with "Jane...."


Now...I can't figure how how to edit that automated message to invite folks to my job postings. I tried creating a new job posting - with "Invite Only"...but there's no place to change that "I'd like to invite you to apply" message - as there was when I setup my first job.

I can't invite any more freelancers until I get this fixed.


Your help is appreciated.


Active Member
Cathy D Member Since: Jun 7, 2019
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Turns out the edits to the invite email were not saved - so I'm able to use the standard text.

Consider this closed. Thanks!