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How to get work on upwork?

Hi Everyone!, I am Florence Ruth a experience Graphic Desinger I am using this site from 2  months but still do not get any job. I submited proposal daily but  still  I couldn't find any job , and also some of jobs I achived but thats all jobs are close or expire.  So can anybody guide me how can I start my work on this site? Thank you

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You've only got a few illustrations in your profile. Where's the rest of your portfolio? Your hourly rate is pretty high for somebody with no Upwork experience, and your profile overview needs a lot of work. I recommend starting from the beginning: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Working-On-Upwork-101/Finding-Work/ta-p/1084729


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Is the work you are applying for related to the samples you've shown? 
Typically, when businesses need a graphic designer, they don't need characters drawn, but logos, ads, etc created. You have a single sample of that type of work. Decide what type of work you want to apply for/do for clients and ad samples of that type to your portfolio. 

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Hi Florence — Welcome to Upwork!


I must agree with Christine and Randall above. Your rate is quite high, and without being able to show a lot of the professional work you have done in your portfolio, how are clients supposed to know what kind of product they will receive if they contract you? It would definitely be a good idea to put a wider range of products/projects in your portfolio on Upwork. 


Are you searching through project listings on a regular basis each day? Sometimes, you may want to apply to smaller jobs so that you can start getting reviews and some feedback under your belt. 


I hope this helps and that you find enjoyable work on here!

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