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How would you know if your proposal is being considered?

Hi Everyone,

Very very new to upwork here.

Still trying to figure out the knobs and everything here.


I hope someone can help advise on this


I've recently submitted a proposal.

On the right of the screen, I see this

Activity for this job

10 to 15 proposals 

1 interview


What does "1 interview" mean?

Would you be notified if you'd have to respond to the next action of the proposal submitted?


gracias mucho




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"Interview" just means that the client has responded to your proposal. It could be a lengthy set of follow-up questions or just a note saying that they're narrowing it down and will get back to you--if they've talked to you at all in response to the proposal, it goes into "interviewing" or "active candidacy" status.


Thank you.

How do I access that interview?

Thank you for your response on this.
Just another question....


So, now, I suppose I'd just wait, till further notification right?



Hi Daphne, 

You may want to check this help article to know more about invitations to interviews and active candidacies. 


Please check the freelancer resources we compiled and tips for avoiding questionable jobs, for more information about working safely through Upwork.

~ Avery
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Daphne, getting started on UW requires playing a long game and being both diligent and patient. Think of proposals like messages in bottles. Target each one as well as you can, click 'submit' and forget it unless and until you hear from the client. You won't hear, unless they short-list you. I've been here for 18 months, spent all of my connects each month for the first six, and still submit several proposals a week. In all of that time, I've had exactly two clients ping me to say thanks but they were going another way. (The first time it happened, I was almost as thrilled as if I'd landed the darned project!) For all of the others, I either get interviewed (which can be a one-sentence message) and, sometimes, hired, or just hearcrickets.


Dig in and keep going.

To add to what Phyllis said, the interview means they are interviewing someone for the position. You would know if you were being interviewed because the client would message you.

I just forget about most of my proposals as well. There are some I grow hopeful over and check back on, but most of the time I just keep going.

You're not likely to hear a word from most of them. Don't wait around for them to contact you, just keep submitting to jobs you are certain you can do. You'll get some responses eventually.

It took me two months and like twenty or so proposals to even get a message when I first started. Sometimes it still does even now.

Good luck!
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