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I cant land a job

Hi everyone, i'm trying to find a data entry or bookkeeping job for months now but no one is even viewing my profile. Hope you can give me some advise to improve my profile or increase my chance on landing my first job here. 

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Community Manager

Hi Mark,


Thank you for your message! I took a look at your profile and have a few suggestions:

  • Based on your noted skills, your title may not provide a full overview of your expertise. Precise titles that specify the services you offer are more likely to catch the attention of clients that need your expertise.
  • Your profile overview is short compared to the average. Upwork’s research shows clients see it as a positive signal if the profile is well written and comprehensive. Consider crafting your overview as a pitch to prospective clients. Help clients understand your abilities better by listing information about your skills and experience in an original and creative way. Focus on how you can help clients achieve their goals.

For more information, check out this article: Upwork Profiles: Why a Great Title and Overview Can Make a Difference


I hope this helps!

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Yeah, this needs some rethinking.  Imagine yourself in a big room of people and before you enter the room you get to pick a frock.  There are a wide variety of different colors to choose from but so far everyone in the room has picked the same Upwork green.  There are a hundred people in the room, all wearing green. 


What your have done with your profile is the equivelant of picking up a green flock and joining everyone in the room.  If you read your profile description and honestly ask yourself what distinguishes your profile from nearly everyone else what would your answer be?  Where you went to school? How long you have been working? That is like adding a little pin to your frock, from a distance I can't tell what it is and if it is good or bad.


I have spent more time crafting this answer creatively then I imagine you did put together your profile.


Go back, try again, put some real thought into what you can say that will distinguish what you can do for client.  Try not to focus on you, a potential client does not care about you, they care about their problems and how you can make them go away. Make the first two lines impactful and try to build a statement that will entice clients to read the whole thing.

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