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I need help to register

Hello everyone, I recently joined Upwork and I'm having trouble getting my profile 100% registered, can anyone help me register?


Hi Shuhratjon,


We want to first welcome you to Upwork! There are many ways to get to 100%, but some items are required. To reach 50% you’ll need a photo, profile overview, at least one employment history item, and at least one skill tag. Any combination of the other choices can then be used to reach 100%. You can find more information in this help article


Additionally, feel free to check these articles to help you create a profile that stands out and improve your profile title and overviewFor some great tips on writing proposals that win jobs, check out this article.


You can also visit our Resource Center and sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork. We wish you the best of luck!


~ Arjay
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