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ID verification problem

I'm enable to bidding on project due to verification problem. I shared all my documents, verified by phone and attend video call with support lady but still not approve yet. Don't know the reason. I also generated ticket and ask him if anything need from me I'm available to share but no one is replying and I'm stuck with this issue from last 7 days.



Please help me out so I speed up my work on upwork plateform.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mohammad,


I checked and you have an open ticket about your issue, I'll follow up with the team that’s handling your case and they’ll update you directly as soon as possible. Thank you.

~ Bojan

Thanks bojan for reply but I didn't get response from 3-5 days from that ticket. Don't know why it takes too much time. Okay I'll wait for response.

Thanks again for your time.
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