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Identity Verification



I am new to Upwork and just finished my first job. However, I got a notification where I was asked to verify my identity. But my problem is that my only government ID is expired and my schedule for renewal is still next month. What will happen to my earnings if I can't verify my identity since then? Will it be directed back to my client or will it only be put on hold? In general, what will happen to my account? I need an answer. Thank you.


Hi Cielo Marie,


If you do not pass the verification process, we will place your account on hold. The hold will prevent you from withdrawing earnings, submitting proposals to new jobs, accepting direct hires, or showing up in search results. Any active proposals that have been submitted will also be canceled. The hold will not affect your ability to work on existing contracts. Once you successfully pass the verification process, we will remove this hold. Feel free to check this article to be more acquainted with how the procedures work. I hope this clarifies.



~ Arjay
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