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Is there any way to halt disbursed funds (Funds transferred to your local bank account)?

I had some money in my account. Since i am planning to use this account in the proceeding week and to use the account balance to buy membership & connects, i scheduled the payment with the criteria of 1000$ /month. But today i have got the email that the amount which i had in my Upwork account is being credited to my bank account. Is there any way to reverse this? I thought that payment schedule will only run once i will hit 1000$ mark. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.  Also, is there a way to write tickets or contact support?  Best regards. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Nayab,

Your funds were automatically withdrawn to your bank account because we can`t hold your funds on Upwork for more than 180 days. Unfortunately we can`t reverse this withdrawal. If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here. Thank you!

~ Goran
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