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Is this a scam or not

Hello Bethel!


Thanks for your application. I reviewed your story and you have passed the English test. There will be one additional test, but before I ask you to do anything else, I wanted to disclose some details that are important for your consideration:

If any of this does not interest you, that is fine, you can simply ignore this message and move on.


If you receive the job offer, we would ask that you go on Skype to join a large group with other hires. There would be group training. You can charge hourly while you are being trained. Our rate during training is $10/h. The training period will last a maximum of 5 hours. The training period is flexible, you will simply read some material, and prepare some work. Then, there will be feedback, and you will make adjustments. This process may repeat a few times over the course of several days. There are no webinars or calls. It may end sooner or later depending on your performance. After the training period, our payment system changes:


We pay $4.2 per ad. On average, creators make 3 ads per hour. Faster ones can make as many as 4. 3 is realistic. On top of this, we give monthly bonuses of $100 for successful ads. Most creators get between 0 and 2 bonuses per month. However, our top creators regularly have 5+ bonuses per month. Our record was 16 bonuses in 1 month a few months ago. Our top creators routinely make $3,000 – 4,000 a month, but it isn’t easy to get to that stage because we assign ads based on your success rates. More success = more ads assigned = more chances for bonuses.


The work schedule is flexible. There are no fixed hours and there is no minimum work requirement. Weekends/evenings/mornings etc are optional. You work on your own time. We simply ask that you remain relatively responsive on Skype (ie, please respond within 24 hours on weekdays).


The way we track this work is via a google sheet, where you log how many ads you’ve made. At the end of the month, I tally everything (including bonuses), and I pay on Upwork via Bonus. This pay is generally released on the 2nd of each month for the preceding month. IE, your work from June would be paid on July 2nd.


During the training period, we may decide that the position isn’t suited for your skills. This is common. We can assure you that we would still pay for your training as normal and we can assure no negative reviews.


If you are still interested, please let me know, and I will provide 1 small final test. Also, let me know if there any questions so far.

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Unpaid tests are against the TOS. So  is getting paid off the platform.


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