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Job Post Scams!!

When you're new to upwork you tend to apply for:


Easier jobs

Jobs that don't demand many connects

Unverified payment jobs OR...

Jobs where clients haven't spent much


BUT...please beware of scams and really use your better judgment. Make sure you read Upworks terms. It will SAVE YOU TIME & A HEADACHE!


Upwork does take scams seriously which is amazing. HOWEVER, not all scams can be caught immediately. 

if it sounds too good to be true? It likely is. I've run into a few myself here while getting started. I am getting better with recognizing what is and isn't a good opportunity to pursue. 

Just be careful. Happy Upworking ☺️

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Thank you for sharing your experience maybe it will help some newer people 

You're welcome, and thank you Amber. 

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I just got one off. He was calling me off the platform and wanted me to pay $30 before giving me a data entry job of $4000.

However Upwork is really good at detecting the scam job. They deleted it almost immediately even before i could know what was happening. 

The rules are really a lifesaver

Wowwwww. We come to Upwork to make money, yet clients are asking for money? Very strange lol. Stay safe!

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Thank you for sharing, this is a great note for new users! Upwork Academy is super helpful walking through the platform, terms, and how to avoid scam and spam.

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Thanks for sharing such information.

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I recently joined and I am concerned about some of the positions. I just experienced one client who requested that I interview via skype. When I agreed to meet via SKYPE, we only communicated via chat. if a company accepts my proposal, there should be a layer of transparency so I know upfront basic information about the organization, name of hiring manager, etc. Even though I requested to have a more formal conversation, he would not oblige which caused major concerns for me.  I reported my experience to upwork today, but I have yet to hear from them.

SKYPE = scam. You need to end the conversation there, before you actually engage in a skype conversation, since this is against ToS to do before hire. 

There is no need to contact customer support if you follow the rules. The only thing you accomplish is revealing that you violated ToS. 

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