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Job feed and saved jobs not working

Two questions:


One) By comparison to a month ago, I've had almost no new jobs in my feed for over two weeks. I've confirmed at least one other freelancer has had the same complaint. This morning I logged on to see there were well over 100 new jobs posted. I clicked to see the next 20, confirmed there were still over 100 jobs to review, but after reviewing the 20 I'd just loaded, I scrolled back up and there were no new jobs. I tried refreshing the page several times, but nothing. I'm seeing roughly one new job every 10-20 minutes or more. A month ago I could barely keep up.

I reported this to the "help" desk and was only told maybe there was a lag.

A "lag" wouldn't delete over 100 jobs that were there just moments ago.


Two) My Saved Job feed has to be refreshed over and over to show jobs. I had GeekSquad confirm I had no issues on my end. As an extra precaution, I deleted all old saved jobs down to just over one page. Next time I logged on they were all back again.

I reported this to the "help" desk and the reply basically said, yep, they are there, If you need more help open another ticket.

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Hello Joanne,


I'm sorry to hear that. I'll have someone reach out to you shortly to assist you with your concern thank you.

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My job feed has been wonky the past couple of feeds as well, showing 1000+ jobs when that is clearly not the case.


Also, I use the US only filter in my saved searches.  Does the US only feed replace the need for this filter?  If not, how does the US only feed get populated?

Hi June,

I replied to your original post about this, in this thread.


Thanks Nina. I switch to that thread and hope to get good news about a fix soon.

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