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Need a daft of fixed-price contract


May you help me to find out a daft of fixed-price contract?

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Nobody is going to give you draft for YOUR fixed-price contract.


You do not need to write any sort of formal contract or document.


You and a client need to agree to what you will do for the milestone, and how much you will get paid.


Here is an example:

"I will create a MySQL database schema based on the Companies.xlsx file you provided. Fixed-price milestone quote: $150"


Here is another example:

"I will write an original article between 1000 and 1200 words in length discussing the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a hat to church."


Here is anothe example:

"I will provide a full-color, hand-drawn illustration of a cartoonish cat eating a candy bar. I will provide a high-resolution scan in jpeg format."

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