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No one answers my proposals.

Hello everyone

I started about a half year ago. A month later I managed to find some clients.

But about 2 months ago it started. I keep sending proposals of different length and content. Trying to hook with “why me?” Questions and answering them. But nothing goes further then applying a proposal.

I just don’t know how to make it work. Too many factors. Maybe people just don’t want to hire freelancers from my location. I just don’t know a way to figure it out. Or maybe my proposal is too long (300-1000 symbols with spacing between lines).

Got any idea? Thank you.
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I think that you should re-write your profile overview, because it doesn't say anything special about you (read more here). Also, you've hardly got anything in your portfolio; as a graphic designer, your portfolio is the most important part of your profile.


I would also advise raising your prices because your work history shows that you've been working almost for free. It says that your hourly rate is $15, but you've been doing logos for $5, which makes me think that you must really be earning something like $2 an hour. This will put off good clients because they'll think that if you're that cheap, maybe you're inexperienced or not good at what you do. 


Thank you very much Christine! I will think it over.

But does anyone even check profile? Because statistics says almost no one of those who hired me or when I send a proposal even checks my profile. 🤔

I usually give behance link and attach files with my work.
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