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No responses

Hello community,


I'm a newbie here and I need help. I submitted quite a few proposals,

but I don't get any response. This is my cover letter:


Dear Hiring Manager, I'm interested in a job you offer. Here is a link to my gallery where you can see my skills at drawing: **Edited for Community Guidelines** Regards, Louis


What am I doing wrong? Is my cover letter bad or unattractive?


Please, I really want to get a chance and put my skills to use.

I would appreciate any help!


Thank you,





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If you're sending the exact same cover letter to everyone, stop doing that. Read the job you're applying for and then use that information to tell the client how you can help them.

Also, not a lot of clients are not managers, so just say hello, use their name if you can find out what that is, then get right into telling them how you can fix their problem.

People get their accounts suspended for sending the same cover letter to everyone.

I know if I were a client, I would see that and think you hadn't read the job post, or didn't care about my job. It comes across as though you want any job because you don't mention anything specific. All you talk about is yourself, which is bad.

Linking your portfolio, however, is probably good, that way the client can see if you do the type of work they need.

Thanks for the response! 

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Hi Louis,
I just checked your profile, as far as I know, you need to make your profile more appropriate and by appropriate I mean, add your portfolio, take some relevant test, and don't just copy paste the same cover letter repeatedly, try to make it stand out by experimenting and mentioning the relevant work.
Hope this helps, and best of luck.

Ok, will do that, thanks for the feedback!


Have a nice day, 



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