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No work

I've been on Upwork since July 2018 and still have not been able to land a gig.  I tell everyone that I am working full-time and looking for part-time evening and weekend work. I am very selective in what I apply for, and have even been including my LinkedIn profile and resume with still no results.  Why is it so hard to break into this?

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Hi Crystal,

I know nothing about your field, but I can give you some general profile advice. I'd remove the second and final sentences of your overview. The second sentence makes it sound like you're freelancing as a hobby rather than as a serious career, and the final sentence contains details that are probably better discussed during the interview.


I'd also hide your event planning test score as it was below average. You might want to take some additional tests and show the scores on your profile if you do well.


I think the first sentence is good. It conveys your extensive experience and what you can offer. You also have a good, professional photo.



Best of luck to you.

Thank you for the feedback. I had gone back and hid that score and have made some changes to my intro.

Hi Heath
Same is happening with me.Although i have passed more than 10 tests in good grades like top 10,20 and 30% but still no response from clients.Can you have a look on my profile and kindly suggest if any thing need to change.
Muhammed **Edited for Community Guidelines**

@Muhammed R wrote:

Can you have a look on my profile and kindly suggest if any thing need to change.
Muhammed Ramzaan

 It needs a complete rethink.

You offer 4 totally different (equally entry level and overly competitive) services. Pick one (forget writing, your English is not up to it) and then rewrite your entire profile concentrating on how that ONE (!) skill will benefit a potential client.

Avoid essentially meaningless nonsense that talks about your personal qualities.

Nothing on your profile hints at what you can actually bring to the table.

Surely, with an MBA (if that is true) you should be able to advertise yourself better than that?


Thanks for guidance!
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Crystal, the first and third sentences in your profile are great. They summarize what you can offer to clients. The second and fourth sentences are absolute deal-killers. You are over-shooting the mark on transparency. Clients don't need to know and don't care about your relocation. Telling them you are looking to fill spare time telegraphs that you might not be taking this seriously. Outlining your limited availability at the outset discourages them from even contacting you.


Obviously, you want to be honest about your availability on a case by case basis. Just give clients a chance to tell you what/when they need first.


Good luck!

Thank you for the feedback!

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