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Hello! I use UpWork for the first time and yesterday I've finished my first project. I submitted a payment request and sent a file to my client. He answered me and said he had sent money to UpWork, but still I have 0$ earnings available, it's written that 0$ paid of 20$, I can't leave feedback and I didn't recieve any feedback from my client. So does it mean my client didn't pay for a work or I should wait for some time?
 I will be very glad if somebody will explain me what to do ^_^

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Hi Anatolii,


I see the fixed price job on your profile is still marked as open.  Was the milestone funded for this project?  Was the clients method of payment verified?  When you sent a payment request to the client, were you given a chat message saying the job funds had been approved?  In your jobs list at THIS LINK do you see the job marked as complete? If you answered NO to any of these questions the client has not paid.


As a rule of thumb, you should NEVER begin work unless one of the following conditions is met:

  • It is a fixed price contract with a pre-funded active milestone
  • It is an hourly contract and the clients payment method is verifyed and you are tracking your hours using the time tracker app.

Good luck and congratulations on completing your first job! 

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Hey Anatolii,


I see your client has a verified payment method and made a contract with you, and hence this is the first milestone, means it is funded (no contract can start without funding the first milestone).

If you used Submit work/Request payment button when sending the work, they should approve the payment on their end. Once it is approved it'll be pending for 5 days and will be released to you. Clients have 14 days to approve or ask for changes, after that the payment will be released to you even if they don't do anything.

What concerns giving and receiving feedback, it can only be done when one of you end the contract. I recommend letting the client do so, to make sure you'll they'll leave feedback.

You can go to your Reports - Overview page to see where your payment is.


Hope this helps!

Perhaps your client doesn't realise that "sending the money to Upwork" just puts it into escrow. He still has to release the money from escrow to you.

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Wait a minute. I can give you a real quick solution I guess.


Go to Job page 'MY JOBS' and press the button 'Submit work/ milestone'.  if you see a button like that and pressed then there was a milestone funded by the client (as your client said, they have paid to upwork) so the money is not with the client actually in escrow and client need to 'release' escrow money to you.


So if you press that button, the client will get a notification and once he releases (Approve Milestone) the money, you will get it.

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