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Potential Scam: Scan Wifi Networks

Has anyone encountered an invitation to scan Wifi networks?

I feel like it is a scam. Below are steps I took to get away from the gig.


1. I blocked **Edited for Community Guidelines**

2. I withdrew my Proposal

How can I report this?

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Thanks for letting us know!

I'm not sure where you can report this.....Maybe there is No where to Report it to....

But it's definitely a good idea to keep spreading the word and alerting others. 

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Someone invited me to a side gig for scanning WiFi networks (supposedly for QA Testing).  Is it a scam?

Don't know about it being a scam or not, but definitely appreciate the information and the alert!


Hopefully, you'll hear from other Upworkers. 

Not all invites are scams and most of them have different client names or job descriptions altogether but they mainly operate with similar patterns and thats how we can spot them.

This post here lays forth some of the ways to identify a scam:

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Hi Christine,


Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. It's really great to hear that you're well aware of how to keep yourself safe from suspicious activities and scam jobs. Firstly, sharing contact information before a contract has started is against Upwork's Terms of Service, and all communications prior to the contract starting must take place on Upwork.


I've escalated your report to our Trust and Safety team for further review. Rest assured that the team will take a closer look at this case and take action accordingly. You can always let us know if you find anything suspicious has happened by using the Flag as Inappropriate option throughout the platform. You can learn more about that here.


~ Arjay
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