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Profile Under Review for the Fourth Time - After Being Accepted 3 Times

Recently signed up for Upwork after deciding to start taking on more jobs.  So far I've been rather disappointed.  


After about a day of being under review, my profile was approved, and I sent out 2-3 applications.  I got hired by someone (yay!).  The next day I log in, and see that my profile is "under review" (like when I first signed up) and I'm unable to send out more applications.  Not really a time-pressing issue as I've now got a project, but an issue nonetheless.  So I sent an email to Upwork support, and asked if there was some kind of error.  I didn't get a response, but my profile was reapproved a few hours later. 


Not even an hour after that, my profile was later marked as rejected (after I'd already been accepted).  I updated my profile, added some portfolio items, and added some skills.  I was reapproved.


A couple days after that, "additional verification" is needed on my end.  This isn't an issue (and I assumed I'd need to prove I live in the US, am alive, etc, at some point).  I called, was asked for my name, address, and was told my profile would be approved again.  It was approved in a couple hours.  


Now here we are, I log in today, only to see that my profile is "under review" again.  This is the same message I got when I originally signed up for this service.  I have been accepted 3 times.  I've send them an image of my ID, provided video proof of my identity, and for some reason my profile is pulled down for reapproval? 


I've searched online to absolutely no avail, it doesn't seem like anyone else has had this issue.  Has this happened to anyone here?  What causes it?  The only thing I can think of is that I occassionally use a VPN when I'm not in my home, and some of their servers are located outside of the US.  Could this be flagging my account and causing them to take it down?  



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Hi Harmon,


Sorry you keep seeing the same notification. Do you see that message on your profile at the moment? I checked and your profile does look accepted. Did you edit and re-submit your profile yesterday or today?

~ Valeria

Looks like it was re-accepted again?  Not really sure what's going on, but I'll let you know if it happens again. 


Thank you for your response.

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