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Profile a problem?

Hello, would it be possible for someone on this platform to have a look at my profile to see where I am going wrong? I have sent through numerous proposals for various copywriting, proofreading & editing work. I have had no response to these proposals. I would appreciate your input. At first I suspected that my rate was too high but have since reduced it and have upgraded my membership in the hope that it would be beneficial. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Nicky,


Is your profile public?  I'm not able to view it.  

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I am new here too, but maybe I can help with some comments:
- first I don't see the word 'Proofreading" in any of your Profile titles
- second, I think your General Profile title is too short : just "Copywriter" is not enough. You need something more appealing, with some key words.

The best way imo to improve your profile is to search for other freelancers - the most successfull of your direct competitors - their profiles may inspire you.

Many thanks for your insights and response. I really appreciate it! I was not aware that we could search for other freelancers as a service provider to the ‘Upwork’ platform. Do I need to change my settings to someone seeking a freelancer?

Hi Nicky,


Your profile visibility was set to private but I`ve updated it back to public. Now freelancers will be able to review your profile. Thank you.

~ Goran
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