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Profile review help


I have been here for 2 months, I am not getting any work and now my profile review has gone to 0. Can somebody have a look at my profile please and help me refine my profile. I have read many Upwork blogs and edited my profile accordingly still nothing.

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How does this profile views in my stats thing works? How can I increase my view?

Hi Pallavi,


Profile views are the results of how many times clients have found your profile through search results.
Freelancers in search results are shown on a rotating basis so that everyone gets a fair chance to be discovered. 
I would suggest to check out this Blog post on how to improve your profile. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Community Manager

Hi Pallavi,


I reviewed your profile and would like to offer some suggestions.


For your profile title:

  • Be simple and succinct. Create a focused title that describes your expertise and indicates the type of projects you’re looking for to help readers understand what you do. But keep it short! The ideal length for a title is 10 words or less.
  • Be specific. The more precise you can be in your title about the services you offer, the more likely it is to catch the attention of businesses that need your particular expertise. For example, if you’re a customer service expert, think about the specific services you want to highlight, such as live chat support, email support, or ticket support.
  • Be unique. Craft an original and meaningful title that captures your occupations, specializations, and expertise. But avoid generic descriptions, such as “hard-working” or “reliable”—use your overview section to get that message across!

For your Profile overview:

  • Focus on how you can help prospective clients achieve their goals. Include words and phrases that potential clients might use when looking for freelancers who have your skills. This can help a feeling of familiarity and can help Upwork’s algorithms to match you with more relevant projects. Consider describing the type of clients you usually work with or perhaps even your ideal client and the types of challenges you can help them overcome.
  • Bullet points can help to emphasize certain areas, but too many points may look like a laundry list of skills with few or no examples.

I also curated this list of articles that may be helpful to you; I suggest reviewing them carefully:

I hope this helps!


Hey thanks Mike. I will definitely edit my profile.
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