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Proposal was declined? Which one was it?

I am a new freelancer. I submitted some proposals yesterday. Today I got a message saying my proposal was declined. It did not say which one it was. When I clicked on the proposals, they both had the option to withdraw and neither said anything about being declined. How do I find out which one was rejected?

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If you click on the bell icon at the top of the page, it will list all recent notifications. One of them will be alerting you that a proposal was declined, along with the name of the listing. If you click on it, it will take you to that exact job listing so you know which one was declined.


If the client specified a reason, that will be in the email you should have also received.

Are talking about the little bell? There is nothing to click on and it does
not say the name of the listing.

If you're clicking on the one at the top of this page, no. But if you click the one at the top of the job search page, or basically anywhere on Upwork outisde of the forums, it should tell you.


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