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Send proposal with hire activated

Hello friends, please I would like to know if it is still worth submitting a proposal, even if it is seen on the bottom that the recruiter has already conducted interviews


Hi Auguste,


Thanks for reaching out. It is up to you if you will be submitting a proposal to a job post. If you think that you fit the skills and experience that the client is looking for, you can submit your proposal. 


~ Joanne
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If it shows hired, I wouldn't bother.

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I would judge the needs of client before deciding whether to make the proposal. Sometimes, a client may has a long-term project or has many works to do. In this case, I would send the proposal. The client may saw my proposal and save your profile for future needs. But for those with only one-time job, I won't bother.

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Hi Joanne,


I have seen several job postings where the client has multiple positions open and has hired or sent interview requests to a few people. How can I judge or see if the specific position I am looking at is already taken or if the client is still hiring?



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