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Should I be worried?

I’m new to Upwork and just got my first response. It said they were sending a psd attachment with interview instructions, but this screen shot is what came through.

It was followed by a long paragraph instructing me to teleconference with someone. It provided a link for me to download the “interview” software if I don’t have it.

In any other instance, I would think this is a scam, but since I’m new, I don’t know if this is normal Upwork procedure... Is it??
Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Rachel,

Just to confirm that, I escalated the job post to our team to investigate it further. Due to security reasons, I would recommend asking your client to continue your communication on Upwork. 
You can check out this Post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs. Thank you.


Update: Rachel I wanted to follow up and confirm that the job post you are referring to was already removed and client's account addressed for violating Upwork ToS. Thank you for reporting this.

~ Goran
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Oh this is interesting. What did you open this with? Did they say PSD or PDF? This looks like it's a PDF document with an image in it.


Regardless, this is probably a scam. You said it had a link to download something. I'm wondering if Upwork's file scanner picked up on the malicious link, stripped it but messed up the document's syntax and so now that's what you see.


If they said PSD, then they are probably trying to find ways to get around Upwork's file scanners.

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