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Tips for finding that first job

Hi all,


Welcome to the Upwork Community! We know landing that first contract can be challenging, so we built Upwork Academy and threads like this to help you get started. With a lot of resources and so little time, we wanted to put together some recommendations for you to check out first:



Do you have a specific question or maybe a tip to offer? Reply to this post and share your question, advice, or words of inspiration!


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Hi all,

This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation on this new thread.

Thank you!


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Hi Freelancers, I am new to Upwork, and I need some help and guidance please.

Focus on how your experience matches project goals.

Circle back to your profile to make sure it’s polished and professional.

I am SEO Specialist that understands the tactics of search engine placement and undertakes a strict no-Spam policy.

As well as, I am a Professional Content Writer, I am writing SEO-Optimized Articles & Blogs, Book Writing, Website Content, Resume & Cover Letters, Product Description, Rephrase, Proofreading & Editing, and Letters & Applications.


My question is, which is commonly asked How do I get the order?

Anyone here can help me find a job? 



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I have a lot of experience but am new to Upwork I have a lot of projects in my portfolio, how can i attain clients that are legit and super ready to work?

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The definition of "a lot of experience" can be subjective, but if you have a lengthy work history, your profile should reveal this experience.


Personally, my definition of "a lot of experience" doesn't start until the 10-year mark. Meaning, a person has spent at least 10 years applying knowledge, skills and abilities to perform specific job tasks, and was paid for that work.


I see you posted in the New To Upwork forum for profile feedback. Good move, because there are things in your profile that you need to work on.

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Thanks for the review could you please sort them out so that i can correct and work out the updates to my portifolio?


Change your photo for a real one of you.

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I am writer and hard work

Sorry brother,s love 

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How can I get the job?


I get the job I have more experience 

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Hi Thank you for sharing tohse 3 links it was very helpful i hope i could get my 1st contract this month.

Good question. I've done everything they suggested, but it's all for nothing. I just can't afford to spend so much money these days. Nearly £150 pounds for nothing is just too much

Did you do everything they suggested?
Your profile is nothing, it looks like you didn't read what they really suggested to you.
Your photo must be of you, the one you have is not valid, unless it is a child and then you cannot work here.
Your description is copied from an agency.
Do you have experience but no portfolio?

Don't blame others, you haven't done your job.

I am a professional  writting and translation but I am not getting any orders. How to get the order?

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hi iam ne this platform

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I want start free Lancer service to earn money will serving my skill as Data Analyst. Please help me out.

Safwan Rauf.
Business intelligence & Data scientist
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Hi i am new

OK we all start new. It would be nice to give us a quick read of your skills and experience. Not the whole Bible please.

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I am a creative degioner but I dont under stand how can find my job


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Hello, I would like to get a profile rate and feedback please because i'm facing problems in finding my first job tho i have a good experience as a fresh graduate to the field 


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I am new to upwork been a couple of weeks now still not able to find myself a client. I see a lot of jobs which I can execute easily but never get an interview invite. What's your advice?




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How are you all 

I am new on upwork please help me how to get my first job 

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Hi Everyone,



Can you please help me how to get my first job.

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I have experience in Meta ads manager and Google ads , I can manage campaigns and optimize them. Also, I can manage social media accounts , respond to comments DMs , design posts using Canva, copywriting for ads, and analyze traffic and performance. So, I am trying to land my first job.

Hi, everyone.

I have been here for 3 months but I can't get a better job.

Lots of jobs were the fake jobs.

Please tell me how to get a better and real and long term job.

Best regards.

HEY .you need to do  a deep research ON NICHE fisrt of all then you need to know about related skills that you need to implement . START from entry level projects just to make sure you are good enough aware of the platform then you can haunt sharks. First measure the depth and then jump>>



Your profile doesn't have much on it. I see your education and work experience, which look impressive, but your profile doesn't have a single example of any work you've done in the past or any portfolio to browse through to see your skills in action. 

I have just started working here at upwork. I noticed that Upwork has a function called the community, and I was thinking that maybe I could post something in here and look for someone that I could get to know better so that I could ask for assistance with what I would need to do in order to obtain clients here on Upwork. I saw that this feature is available. I look forward to talking to each of you!

Hello there. Starting in any niche can be pretty rough, I know that. But I would like to hear some advices.

How to find balance between spending and earning money, when u starting up? Because I fear that I can lose all my money repling to all jobs, and still mange not to find my first client

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Hello, hope you are doing well.. 

I m new on upwork... I want to know that i didnt work on upwork so i dont have a cover letter or any proposals so how could i get my first job or content writing work... Kindly guide me 

Some of my points maybe benefit for you!

1_You can read the success stories.
2_Fully read the community tricks to grow your profile.
3_Add the Local portfolio to your profile.
4_Add a professional picture.
5_More applies to the jobs and more changes to getting the project but you
know all the real and fake clients.

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Thanks for making us feel welcome and well taken care of. I'm totally new here and hope to get my first proofreading job soonest.

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This is new for me.Please guide me how can I start my first work today. How can I check my earning money?


If you don't have experience, you won't be able to do much here.
Clients are looking for someone who can do the job. They won't pay for you to learn.
The way your profile is now, you will only attract scammers.
The photo must be of you. The title, well, it should say what you can do, what skills you have, but you say you don't have any.
The description remains the same. You don't have experience.
Better, learn a skill and then come back with a good profile.

I am new to up work..  Help me out

hellow everyone, i hope this  finds you well, i  need yoour help in getting my first job.. tell me  what you think about my profile. i have been applying jobs and forwarding proposals but i havent heard from the clients even once.

Hi IAm newly joined to upwork and I appreciate the efforts on the site 

I need help to know how to start using the upwork account and get the first job on it 


I want to improve my profile so I need advices feom the expert freelancers on the site to do that aprofessional account and start the career because this is the only career I will have 

Thanks in advance for your advices


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