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Transfer of Funds in Dollars to Dollar Account Overseas (Not Local Currency) by Swift Direct

Hello There,

I'm new to Upwork and I wonder if anyone can kindly assist me.  


I recently filled out my bank details to receive my earnings

via direct to my local bank in Lagos, Nigeria.


I provided my dollar account details in Nigeria as the designated

account, which I thought was appropriate since my earnings is in dollars. 


However, I received notification that the transfer was rejected and the

funds returned to my Upwork account.  I am assuming it is because I 

did not indicate my local currency account details.


My question is, would it be at all possible for me to receive my earnings in dollars

since I have a dollar account in Lagos, Nigeria. This would be preferable because

the dollar conversion rate used by Upwork and the banks are not competitive.


How do I go about the process of selecting a dollar to dollar transfer to Lagos, Nigeria?


Thank you and best regards.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Eretagba,


Yes, there is! The appropriate payment method for this would be Wire Transfer. Check out this help article to learn more.


Community Member

Hello Andrea,

Many thanks for your reply. The link you provided to the page in question

said that the page does not exist, but I was able to find the appropriate

page you were referring to.  Your assistance is truly appreciated.


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