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USA Freelancer W9


I recently joined upwork, I reside in the US and work for a business consulting firm in located in UK.

I have joined their upwork agency so all earnings will go to the UK agency but my earnings as a freelancer wont reach the UK company so they are opening a US company to be able to fill in the W9 forms EIN number as I don't want to take earnings under my account as I already work for them so they will withdraw under their US company account.

I can add their EIN details on my profiles W9 section as they will manage all taxes and also manage my earnings.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Veena, 

I'm not sure what you mean, but I would recommend that you read up on this help article on how to file your Form W9 with Upwork for more information. 

~ Avery

Thanks Avery. It still does not answer my question. How can I contact support team directly to hear from them?

Hi Veena,

You can reach out our customer support on this Link, I can also have one of our team members reach out to you directly via ticket if you need further help with private details. Thank you.

~ Goran

The link does not work.

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