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What can i do?

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Aleks Y Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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I'm new here and i can't find an answer i'm looking for.


So this is the situation: I'm a citizen of a country let's call it "A" but i'm currently living in another country ( let's call it B) for a few weeks. Can i still make an account here at upwork, using all my information, like ID, Adress etc from country A, while i'm currently in country B? I'm asking this because i was told upwork checks the IP adress when making an account, so i guess i'll have a problem there, with the IP not matching the country.



Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Aleks,


You can use your ID and other details from your country A as you refer to it. But if you`re located in Country B for a longer period of time you will need to add your current location on your profile.
Presenting misleading information on your profile is a violation of our TOS, if you have any additional questions let me know. Thank you.

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Gajendra D Member Since: Dec 29, 2015
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If you are in Country B for a few weeks, you don't need to verify your profile asap. You can simply keep working on and verify when you at your Home Country.