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Re: What is the average wait time for a contract to be awarded to a freelancer? Is there a time limi

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Sapna D Member Since: Feb 1, 2018
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Raylee, to add on to what everyone else has already said, I think you'll only make yourself crazy if you hold onto this idea that clients have no respect.

If you've ever applied to a 'regular job,' you know that many places never get back to you. It's not due to disrespect but just due to the volume of applicants a company deals with. It's also pretty normal for places to open job searches and later close them when they find no suitable applicants or when their needs change.

Trust me, I know it feels frustrating. I joined, had no luck, and gave up for about a month. But then I came back in January, experimented with different approaches, and found what works for me.

Just keep applying when you see appropriate jobs. Read the forums, and if you're curious about the client perspective, read their posts. You'll get that first job eventually!
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Raylee C Member Since: Feb 13, 2018
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Hi Sapna,

I've applied for plenty of regular jobs and also been self-employed, and I never failed to contact or communicate with people because I believe it's good business practice. Hiring and firing is a part of EVERY business, so it should be standard practice to inform people of their job application status, despite how many applicants there may be, when it comes to "regular work". It takes less than a minute to pick up a phone and call or text someone to inform them they weren't successful in their application. I live in Australia and have never had an employer fail to let me know I wasn't successful in my application for their position. It IS standard practice here. Maybe that's why I expect it. However, more great advice from you, and I will check out the forum from the clients point of view. I'm sure they have just as many problems as the freelancers do and it goes both ways. I have to explore the site further and learn to navigate it better. Thanks, much appreciated!


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Raylee C Member Since: Feb 13, 2018
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Hi Melissa,

No, not impatient, and not expecting to get accepted so soon. Just simply missing information that can't be found on the site. Why would I just keep waiting and wondering instead of asking? But like others here you are offering some great advice, which I do appreciate, and I am finding the community  discussion invaluable, so long as I don't stray and start reading about too many bad experiences. I need to stick to the subject. Thanks for your advice and assistance!

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Usama M Member Since: Feb 22, 2019
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Luckly, I got my first job on first proposal. First, I complete my profile completely by adding previous projects that really helps.