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Why 90 days to retake test?

I've been using InDesign for 17 years as a production designer. I started to take the InDesign test and ended up exiting the whole thing. The questions aren't even relevant! As a new freelancer on Upwork trying to get hired, I'm concerned about not being able to pass a program I know very well, and more so having to wait 90 days to retake! 90 days is A LONG time when new freelancers are trying to get work. Can someone explain why it's 90 days to retake? Seems like 48-72 hours would be sufficient. 

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Now you have time to study for the next time you take the test.

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Hi Nicole,

On our end the test is showing as being available to take. Please attempt the test and if you do run into issues with doing so, kindly follow up with a screenshot of the error you are getting so that we can escalate it for further assistance. Thanks!


Thanks for your reply. I was not receiving an error, just questioning 90 days to study for the test. Why not 30 days?

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