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how you get work here read this and understand.

here if you seeking job then you have paintnce if you are not working anywhere else then here you cant get jobs so eaisly cause here you might get years wait to get your first job . so u have to understand and may have lot of money too for buy credit on by on . so if you are looking fofrf any photoshop realted job you have least experince cause its so hard to settle here atlest you having lot of time. cause its sounds that you get pay in us $ but its not easy so . so guys just seek other parts also cause its will hard to survive under big trees. me my self having certifeid adobe photoshop expert tag and its very less peoples who having this on there profile but till now not get even first job may be platform do difffernt work its not like you send bid its all about client they post a job and whome they invite they will get a job and for fthat invites you should be least old one and least having 50k earning shown on your profilfe then you get chance to get job and peoples who not having experience much just here for small cap jobs its not them these platforms are so be ......waiting more cause no clients know who much caliber you are they just need old and platform 3% peoples for there jobs. correct me if i am wrong 

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