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Help from assitant

How can I have my assistant apply to jobs for me? I would like her to apply to jobs under my Freelancer account without using my account (because it's against TOS).


I have an Agency account too, if that's what's needed. I added her to a team, but she doesn't receive an option to apply to jobs as a team.


Hi Matt,


I appreciate you reaching out to us for advice. I'm glad you're already aware that your assistant has to have her own account and cannot use yours as per our Terms of Service.


You are actually on the right track. If you would like your assistant to apply for jobs on your behalf, having her join your agency is the only way to do it. However, you must change her "role" to a Business Manager. Only Admins and Business Managers can send a proposal on behalf of the team.


I suggest you read this guide to learn more about Agency Settings and Permissions.


To assist you further, you may also take this online lesson, Starting an Agency Learning Path.


I hope this helps!

~ Matt E
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Thanks for your reply Matt.


I made her a Manager (see screenshot), but when she searches for jobs, she does not have the option to apply on my behalf. She sees the normal workflow to apply for jobs as she normally would as herself.


What am I missing?




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Should I tell her that it's not a possibility?

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Hi Matt! How can I help?

~ Ruth

Question is in the OP. Is there a way to do what I need?

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