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How can I create the account?

My friend was born and live in Ukraine

And moved to Canada 2 months ago.

He was allowed to live and work here in Canada for 3 years.

But He doesn't have any document like Canadian passport, ID or DL. he only has a visa.

But there are Ukrainian documents.

In this case, does he create an Upwork/Freelancer account as Ukrainian or Canadian?

If he creates a Canadian account, can he pass identity verification with only a Canadian VISA and a Ukrainian passport/DL?


I need help on this.


Please help me resolve the issue.

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Your friend can create an Upwork/Freelancer account as a Ukrainian freelancer living and working in Canada. He should enter his Ukrainian information when creating his account, including his name, address, and payment details.

When it comes to identity verification, Upwork and Freelancer require freelancers to submit a government-issued ID that matches the country in which they are located. In this case, your friend can use his Ukrainian passport or DL for identity verification. He may also be required to provide additional documentation to confirm his residency in Canada, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

It's important to note that your friend will need to comply with both Ukrainian and Canadian tax laws, as he is a Ukrainian citizen working in Canada. He may need to obtain a tax ID number from both countries and declare his income accordingly.

If your friend has any further questions or concerns about creating an Upwork/Freelancer account or verifying his identity, he can reach out to the customer support team of the respective platform for assistance.


Hi James,


Thank you for your message. This user can create an account with a Canadian address and use a valid Canadian VISA to verify their location in case they are requested to verify their account. Please note that all other details on their profile must be real and easily verifiable. 


Thank you,


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