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I created my acount 60 days ago, and lost 1000eur

If you have more contracts, site just want you to pay all amount so I could not stop at 15 days, and trusted like asked from this " BUG FIXES " low budget ouside Europe protection guy(team?)

I had 800eur for 1 or 2 month so see something and this scamer just took hours and hours and circles and did mistakes like do own stuff or basic stuff , not try the hard ones, entertain during days/weeks, etc

Im not happy.. no organization, no care even after 1 week call or at midle oF month call, I stoped at day 30, and we agree no refund because I hoped he made stuff . Instead did basic one and talked that he worked for free...

I payd 1000 to this scamer and more money from other contracts I made.. AND no suport chat or option to contact !

I did had chat suport but now I dont see no option to contact again to try to know why I have some 37eur bill to pay extra and other euros .. No organization from the site to present or deal to financial part.. Is all  pretty and Flowers when you have the money and confidence and ambicion.... nice lost for my birthday own gift.


Hi Manel,


I'm sorry to learn about this disappointing experience. However, I can see that a dispute has been filed and the team has reached out with more information and further instructions on how to proceed. A support ticket has been set up with your case as well so please don't hesitate to coordinate with the team here or your email to resolve the issue. They will surely look into this and take action accordingly.


~ Arjay
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what are you talking about ? that other contract dispute to adjust hours is solved ! I just want to know why I have 37eur to pay at my bills! .. no descriptions... no chat suport existing any more.. no contact site option... and some pakistani dude with bug fixes taked me 1000eur with this neutral site policys! well done ! but if i did not pay to the scamer my other contracts would be suspended like in rules and is happening now because I will not pay just because site make emails 2 in 2 days! ... I already give this site almost 300eur in 60 days. And I lost 1000with bug fixes trust me bro guy outside Europe protection and ethical profissionalism and humanism

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