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Is this work is legal or scam?

There is a job posting where someone said me like this message:


Hello there!
Let me introduce myself
I’m Stacy !
Glad to hear back from you!
Sending you our script offer


We have an offer for you. Some companies provide us cash for projects that we carry out through our friends freelancers with low price.


For Example: the company charges us $20,000 for the project, and our friends will finish such a project for $2,000.




Our offer is as follows:


We will send you an invitation to join the project and pay for it, after you receive the money in your account, you must send us 80% of the amount that has been received by you and 20% keep for yourself. After you send us the money, we will extend our partnership with large amount or invite you to a new one and you will earn 20% again. And so we can cooperate on a permanent basis. With a bonus we will also leave you a positive feedback for each completed project. What do you say?


P.S. you pay us our percent only after the money reaches you, you do not need to pay anything forward!



He is telling me to send the money via Payoneer


Can I know of this is scam ? Anyone know about this offer? 

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It is a scam. You will lose a lot of money.

And it is a violation of Upwork TOS.

You are not allowed to exchange money through non-Upwork method such as Payoneer.


You could be suspended for doing this.

You could be suspended for TALKING about this with a client.

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