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Reporting a suspicious client



I would like to report a suspcious client. Everything looks legit-I looked up the company name and the person I was communicating with. I received the employment letter directly. The HR told me that they  removed the post from Upwork temporarily. They found all the applicants needed and wanted to avoid proposal congestion.

It looked suspicious because:
1. They asked for my home address for the employment letter. Can a client request such information?
2. All the conversations were happening on Skype - no video call. Only chat

3. They said they were giving $100 bonus due to the pandemic. I was asked to provide my bank details so that they could deposit the electronic check.

4. When I told them I don't need to provide any bank details and would like to receive a contract from Upwork, I did not receive any response


How can I report this company's name to Upwork so that it doesn't scam other people like me or who are new to Upwork?

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Click on the original job post and then select 'flag as inappropriate'

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