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Success rate

Hello Everyone 

I have ratings on my account and everythin is ok but sucess rate has decreased to 29%. I s there any solution to increase it kindly guide. 



Hi Liaqat,


Your Job Success Score can change for a number of reasons, even without recent activity. Your best JSS score will be displayed based on the rolling windows when it is calculated. Sometimes, new contracts are added that impact your JSS. Other times, old activity is aged out.


For example, a contract will no longer count in your six-month JSS window once it is six months and one day old.


Your JSS can change because:


  • You’ve received poor public or private feedback from one or more clients
  • You’ve received very positive public or private feedback from one or more clients
  • A higher-value job is added to your JSS and it outweighs lower-value jobs
  • Past jobs are no longer considered because they fall outside the time frame


Your JSS reflects your overall contract history with your clients and is based on your (or your agency's) relationships and feedback. We don't reveal the exact calculation for your score because doing so would make it easier for some users to artificially boost their scores. To ensure fairness and accuracy in the marketplace, we need to maintain some privacy with this metric. 


Longer-term relationships are great and can help boost your score. That said, not having them will not count against you. Jobs with higher earnings weigh more and will have a bigger impact on your score. I hope this helps.



~ Arjay
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