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This is Support?! Report Unprofessional Contractor

This exchange happened with a $90/hour professional in Los Angeles.


After 2 days of wasting my time (taking a long time to get back to me etc) - and then asking endless questions that had been answered previously -


I said: "It appears that you do not want to work on this project."

He answered: "Not really, no".


I asked why he originally send a link to a similar project and stated he would like to work with me.

His answer: "Have a nice day."


Totally unprofessional. Thanks a lot Upwork.



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I am sorry that you had a disappointing experience while using Upwork.


But there is nothing to report.


Was the person you talked to unprofessional and discourteous? Yes.

But there is nothing reportable or actionable here. No ToS was violated.


What went wrong here was you (the freelancer) did not handle the situation as effectively as you are going to handle it in the future.


I'm certain that you will reflect on this experience and make plans for how you will deal with a time-waster in the future. Upwork will NOT do this for you.

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Support reject you with action for freelancer? Pls give more details. Unsure what's happened.

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