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Upwork timer tracking issues

On 12th July 2022, I was working for 4 hours straight at night but my timer only tracked 2 hours of that. Not sure how to go about this 

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The time-tracker is working as intended.


The issue is that you do not fully understand how it works.


It is designed to record active time, and not record time during which there is very low mouse/keyboard activity.


It is not a time clock. It is a time-tracker.


Hi Vishan,


Thank you for reaching out to us. This happens, because the Desktop App stops tracking time when you've gone idle or recognizes that there is no trackable activity, such as keystrokes or clicks. If you were working during a period when the Desktop App recognized you were idle, you should discuss adding the time manually with your client.

You can take a look at your Work Diary and also can check the activity levels in segments directly preceding the non-tracked segments. 

You can find more information about using the Desktop app and Work Diary here and here.

~ AJ
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